Beginner’s Guide To Freshwater Fishing

fishingFreshwater fishing is a fishing activity that happens in a body of water that has less than 0.05% salinity. Freshwater can be found in fish ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and can also be man-made. In the Myrtle Beach area, there is inshore fishing on the Intracoastal Waterway, the Waccamaw River, and many other lakes.

How is it different from deep sea fishing?


The difference between deep sea fishing and freshwater is the type of water is completely opposite. Deep sea fishing occurs in saltwater with depths of at least 30 meters. Nevertheless, there are some fish that could change from seawater to freshwater. Salmon is an ideal example of a game fish that could do this. They are born in freshwater, spend a couple of years at sea and then go back to the same freshwater they were born in.

When hiring a charter boat to take you inland fishing, you arrive at your destination faster and have more time for actual fishing. Hiring the right charter boat captain will make the day an enjoyable adventure.

How to make the most of your freshwater fishing adventure?

Freshwater fishing can be done in many places across the country, especially in South Carolina. If you take pleasure in fishing on a boat, you will appreciate freshwater fishing. As long as the body of water is big enough lets you ride a boat.

Smaller boats, often call skiffs, are used when fishing inshore. These boats accommodate up to six adults and are great for a personal fishing experience.

Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques

Do you want to have an enjoyable freshwater fishing adventure? If so, read the pointer below to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe fishing journey.

  • Make use of a map

When fishing in a freshwater lake or fish pond, you need to learn how to use a map to know the area of that body of water. This will help you to understand and know exactly where you are in that body of water. The best choice is to hire a fishing guide like Captain Brian who knows the local waterways.

  • Utilize a Slip Bobber

A slip bobber is a convenient setup to use during your freshwater fishing activity. It is technically a bobber with a hole underneath which enables you to tie a knot and a stopper. The slip bobber allows you to establish any type of deepness you desire without compromising casting quality

Use the best bait 

The most effective types of bait to utilize in freshwater are worms, minnows, wax worms as well as soft covering (crayfish). Inevitably you’ll wish to utilize whatever live bait is best for the varieties of fish you’re trying to capture. Other kinds of live bait that are also used are leeches and frogs.

Start with clean hands

When fishing in water with little salinity you want to ensure your hands are clean. Freshwater fish have a strong sense of smell which when mixed in your bait, can drive the fish off.

The right temperature level is needed

Most of the freshwater fish varieties have a particular water temperature level as well as the climate that they favor. Try to study the specific fish you want to catch and determine the very best times and water midsts to capture them.

Additional tips when going on a freshwater fishing Myrtle Beach adventure on a boat is to always wear life jackets and wear sunscreen.

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