Tips For Choosing A Fishing Charter

fishing chartersIf you are asking if preparing a fishing charter trip is as simple as choosing the phone number of a captain that’s listed in the ad section of fishing magazine, then the short answer is maybe. Myrtle Beach, for instance, has a diverse range of fish that several charter services concentrate only on one or two species. Hire a salmon guide if you would like to troll for some walleye and you may shirt circuit your fishing trip even before lunch. Most captains and guides are committed business people who want to provide their sports the very best time on the water that they have ever had. However, the meaning of having a great time fishing could mean different things to different people.

Start Your Search For Fishing Charter

What kind of fish do you want to catch?

Say if you want to have the walleyes. If you want king salmon then let it be known and be sure to tell them more than once. Make sure to grill the captain or guide on the kind of fish they spend most of their time angling for but be sure to be polite. If business is slow, a guide service will most likely say yes, they fish for wall eye even if they always go for the bass. Even if your charter captain is good at catching a certain type of fish, a conscientious guide would always be honest with you about what their expertise are.

What is your preferred fishing method?

Once again, you have to ask questions especially as to how a fishing charter service does their fishing. Be as specific as you can be when giving out a description of what type of fishing you would like to do. Both you as well as the charter captain could wind up frustrated when you keep asking to shut down and then drift when in fact he is more confident in covering more water by trolling. Just like everywhere else, fishing charters and guides are flexible and quick to adapt to the preferences of their clients.

However, do not forge that catching fish is usually the bottom line by which fishing charter services are judged. In case you tell your friends how great captain X is but that you weren’t able to catch any fish, the captain knows most anglers that hear this story will go search for someone else who can put fish on their boat. After all, word of mouth is still the number one and most effective method of advertising for most charters.

What’s the price?

You have to explain how many people are going on the fishing charter and how long you want the trip to last. Most guides and captains book full day or half day trips and then price accordingly. Never bite off much more than you can chew unless you fish a lot and you are used to exposing yourself to the elements in a rocking boat for several hours, you must go with a half day charter first. It lasts between three to five hours. Even if the trip does not last that long, you will leave feeling charged up and not tired by a long day on the water.

Other Crucial Factors To Consider

What type of beverages and food if any, will be served? Do you have to bring your own sunscreen, rain gear, or motion sickness pills during your fishing trip? You have to bring your own camera so you can record the good times. Does the boat have a bathroom? What’s the departure time? Be prepared to go, it is your own time and money that you will be wasting once you decide to arrive late.

You should also know what the cancellation policy is. There are just a few fishing season and everyone is important to charter services so do not leave them hanging by cancelling at the last second just because you don’t feel like you want to go anymore. It is not just bad manners but you may not even be able to get your money back. For the majority of people, hiring a captain who will lead you to a trophy salmon, walleye, steelhand, or bass is a rare treat. By following the steps listed above, you will be able to go a long way toward making your fishing charter the trip of your life.

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