Tips To Enjoy Fishing In The Rain

fishing in the rainWeather can make or break any type of outdoor activity. However, there are enthusiastic anglers who, even with a constant downpour, are going to go to their favorite fishing area wishing to limit out on fish. The rain provides new fishing opportunities and choices since it keeps fair weather fishermen indoors. The lake will be left all to those who are willing to put up with more water when they are on the water.

Although the rain is not life-threatening, it surely is not fun to sit in clothes that are wet while you are fishing. To stop this from happening, you should invest in some waterproof clothing items. You will find shops that offer a line of heavy pants and coats that are ideal for rainy days. Apart from that, you can also go for a simple rain jacket. Consider Frog Toggs, which are designed for people who spend their time outdoors, in the water, even when it is raining. You will find great rain jackets nearly everywhere, and a lot of them are packaged in a tiny pouch. You should rethink using ponchos because they turn out to be more of an annoyance when it starts to become windy.

Now, let us talk about the lure to use when it is raining during your charter fishing trip. The general rule appears to be that you can use any color provided that it is color black. But in general, any darker color patterns will work great in the rain. Some good choices are black with a hint of blue, green pumpkin, as well as watermelon. Bass find it hard to see lures when it rains, so lures with darker colors will stand out and make a great silhouette that they can aim at. You can experiment with different combinations.

Heavy or consistent rain will have several effects on the lake water. If there is sufficient rain to raise the level of water significantly, the fish tend to move to another place. All of that shoreline plants that used to be in just a foot of water is going to attract fish in case the water level rises again. When this happens, don’t forget to alter the depth of the lure.

The clarity of the water where you are fishing will also change right away once it rains, particularly in smaller lakes that link to river systems. Fish located at the lower end of the lake will make the most of the water that is not yet muddy and concentrate on rives on that spot. In this muddy water condition that comes with the rain, you should leave the finesse lures in your tackle box and use baits that will kick up the water and create a lot of noise. You may also try including scents to your baits for a bit more excitement. Keep in mind that you must cover water to move the fish instead of setting up shop with a specific presentation.

While the rain tends to prevent outdoors men from going out and about, there are a lot of others who still do so during a rainy weather and wishing to fill the live well. When you think of yourself as the latter, then the tips outlined above will help make your Myrtle Beach fishing trip on a rainy day a bit more productive and comfortable. What is key here is to keep yourself warm, dry and of course, be sure to have fun.

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