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All About Fishing In North Myrtle Beach

Fishing North Myrtle BeachNorth Myrtle Beach is part of South Carolina’s Grand Strand which is a collection of bays, appears, inlets and also rivers linked by manufactured canals. The waters in North Myrtle Beach use a mix of salt and also freshwater fishing activities for fishermen in South Carolina. If angling experiences take you to the Carolina shore, cast your line right into the waters of the Grand Strand.

Your Fishing Guide in North Myrtle Beach

Where You Can Go Fishing

North Myrtle Beach is a city in South Carolina which is part of the Grand Strand consisting of a 60-mile string of Atlantic beaches.

Fishing Heaven
In North Myrtle Beach’s freshwater, you can capture catfish, redfish, largemouth and also herring, candy-striped bass,  shad, catfish as well as white crappie. In the deep sea, you will discover mackerel, red and also black drum fish, cobia, seabass, and even dolphin, aside from crab and also shrimp.

Factors to Consider

The prime fishing season range from springtime throughout autumn. South Carolina, especially this part of North Myrtle Beach is a  fishing haven for its tourists and locals.  However, since this protected course is preferred with sailors heading to as well as from Florida in the springtime as well as autumn, you might face aquatic traffic while you are on your fishing trip. You can fish at the majority of piers and also marinas along the Intracoastal Waterway or take a watercraft out on the water to fish.

You require a permit to fish in South Carolina, yet getting a certificate for angling on the Intracoastal River can be a little complicated since South Carolina calls for various licenses for deep sea and also freshwater fishing– and you will also locate both type of water along the Intracoastal River. To cover your bases and also broaden your choices, you might intend to acquire a Deep Sea Fishing Certificate as well as a Freshwater Fishing Certificate– they are readily available for homeowners and also non-residents of South Carolina, for time periods varying from eventually to one complete year. You can acquire your certificate online on the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website.

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Go Fishing

Fishing Myrtle BeachPeople who love the outdoors and fishing need no convincing as to why they need to go outside. But in case you need a bit of convincing, provided below are 10 good reasons that will provide you with a good excuse to take a break from work or leave those chores for another weekend so that can you spend a day fishing.

Reasons To Go Fishing

1.Conservation Purposes – Anglers do what they can to help the environment and that includes putting their money where their mouth is. By buying fishing licenses and paying certain taxes specifically for taxes, anglers have assisted in funding several wildlife and conservation programs that exist in the country including here in Myrtle Beach. They also help non-game and education programs as well as the acquisition of thousands of acres of lands, which are open for all to visit and recreate any time of the year. Anglers also know how important it is to have clean air and water, which is why they do their part in preserving and protecting the environment, valuable habitat and natural communities.

2. For Stress Relief – The majority of anglers love to spend their time outdoors because of they feel free. Spending a day alone, with friends, or with family on a cool mountain stream trying to catch a fish gives them relief from the stress they experience every day. Interacting with nature through activities like charter fishing gives them a sense of being alive and assists in rebuilding their personal reserves.

3. Social Interaction – When anglers share the fish they caught, the act strengthens relations with their loved ones. Additionally, it offers them the opportunity to give back to their community by teaching others how to be a good steward of natural resources.

Supports Fisheries and Wildlife Management – angling is an essential wildlife management tool. For more than a century, anglers have contributed to wildlife as well as fisheries management programs by providing assistance in setting seasons as well as creel limits. The populations of the majority of fish species have dwindled because of overharvesting and the damaging effects of pollution. Anglers have also supported various efforts to protect as well as preserve all species as well as the environment while boosting biodiversity.

Health Advantages – Over fifty percent of Americans are overweight. By spending time outside and taking part in outdoor activities like going on a fishing trip with Fish-On Outfitters, they get to feel much better and help them have a better way of life. Even though it seems to be more convenient to drive to your local grocery store or perhaps dine out at your favorite fast food restaurant, fishing can help you lose those unwanted fats by improving the quality of your lifestyle and extend your life expectancy.

Recreation – Not having a good day fishing is far better than spending your free time doing house chores. People who love to fish will tell you that they like this activity because it is fun.

Self-fulfillment – fishing grants you the opportunity to boost your self-esteem by mastering outdoor skills, fulfilling personal goals, and respecting the environment. Fishing also takes on an essential role in one’s social and personal development. It is lifetime activity and skill that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Improve The Economy –  Anglers in Myrtle Beach general millions in local and state taxes and supports numerous jobs, that helps boost the economy.

Fishing For Food – Wild fish is high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat. As a matter of fact, the American Heart Association recommends fish in their diet.

The Thrill – If you have that urge or need to pursue and catch, Myrtle Beach fishing is the best outdoor activity for you. It is a thrilling activity and catching a fish is not what is important but the many life lessons you get throughout the process.

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Go On A Fishing Trip With Your Family

Charter Fishing Myrtle BeachA charter fishing trip is a wonderful alternative to the fast-paced and aggressive rough and tumble fishing charter that Fish-On Outfitters has to offer. We cater to groups of six people or less who just want to spend a relaxing day on the water with a fishing line. Looking at the kids or just drinking beer while basking in the heat of the sun. Not worrying about any expectations, no pressure to face, no long runs to take, no rough water to deal with, no demands to take care of, no problems to fix, and no need to break the bank.

Your Guide To Charter Fishing With Your Family

We cater not only professional anglers but also those who are new to the sport from little children to old kids who are looking for some unique and exciting experience. This type of trip is extremely versatile and offered using our custom made boats that accommodate its very nature.

Have Fun Fishing

That is all there is to it. Fun. Create memories that will last forever. You can expect your captain to be super fun and highly trained to be around adults and kids. Everybody wins and will have a lot of time to fish and catch. We will fish at the level of the person who has the least experience in angling. A wonderful trip for kids, families, as well as groups who just want to have a nice and relaxing day on the water and experiencing freshwater fishing.

We will give you all the fishing gear you need to catch a fish with sizes ranging between 1 pound and 150 pounds. We likewise offer lessons to those who wish to learn more about casting or anything that is related to fishing.

During this trip, we will aim for whatever species that is biting. We avoid anything that makes the fishing trip difficult and we do not concentrate on any kind of fish. In most of our trips, we catch snappers, jacks, sharks, barracudas, and smaller groupers. The majority of fish get released, a few used as shark baits and some reach the supper table after being fillet. We will never keep anything that is more than what you can take for dinner.

You can book either a four, six, or eight-hour private fishing charter trip that caters up to 6 persons. With the rates beginning at $450 for two individuals, and four hours of a private fishing charter, the cost is easy on the budget.

You can choose from two different types of boats for this kind of charter fishing. The first one is the 24 feet bay boat that can accommodate up to 3 individuals or the 28 feet center console that caters to up to 6 individuals, has a shade and bathroom. The rates you need to pay will be based on the type of boat you choose and the number of persons you are with. If you are with more than six people, don’t worry. We have other types of fishing charters that can accommodate all of you.


You can mix and match the things you wish to do during your trip at no additional charge. We will provide the gear you need in case you want to go snorkeling. We can drop by at a deserted island beach or perhaps a sandbar. We can do so sight-seeing of any tourist attraction or marine life. Tell us what you want to do and we will customize the trip to suit your needs.

If you want to go on a fishing trip with your family, call Fish-On Outfitters now.

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Tips For Saltwater Fishing

saltwater fishingSaltwater fishing is a term that refers to the method of fishing in the ocean. It can be performed on the shore, also known as surf fishing, on a pier, or on a boat – preferably a charter fishing boat. Saltwater anglers can choose between artificial and live bait. The decision as to what type of bait is used depends on the kind of fish that the angler is trying to catch. States and countries bordering an ocean or those that have inlet rivers with high levels of salinity offer saltwater fishing. Some saltwater fish are great fighting fish like marlin and tuna. Saltwater fishing offers some of the best fishing experiences that an angler will have. The advantage of having a fishing guide like Captain Brian is that he knows the local area and can take you where the fish are biting.

Bluefish, cod, cobia, grouper, flounder, kingfish, jewfish, marlin, mackerel, redfish, sea trout, snapper, tuna, tarpon, striped bass, sharks, and pacific yellowtail are a few of the most common types of saltwater fish that are widely sought out by local fish enthusiasts in the Myrtle Beach area.. The kind of fishing tackle that is used depend on the species of fish that the angler is trying to catch. Saltwater fishing charters are actually a billion dollar industry in tourist spots. As a matter of fact, a charter is a wonderful way of getting some experience and learning some tips from an expert saltwater fisherman. Although they can be quite costly, you can have your friends go on a trip with you so can divide the cost.

Saltwater Fishing Tips

salt water fishingUsing the proper fishing knot – one of the best ways to ensure that you do not lose the next world record fishing is to make sure that you are using the correct knot. You need to know a fishing knot that can retain 100% of its strength when it is tied, and the bimini twist can do that. The proper knot can make a big difference between a big disappointment or a big catch. Because of this, we highly recommend that you always bring with you your saltwater fishing knot manual all the time.

Keep Live Bait In Good Shape

In case you are using the live bait then you have to make sure that it is good shape. You have to keep the bait away from direct sunlight and when you have aquatic bait such as minnows then you have to purchase a water bait aerator for the oxygen at a sufficient level. In case you do not have an aerator, then be sure that you change the water at a two-hour interval. Just like cool water, warm water can hold high levels of oxygen.

Consult With The Locals

You should ask the employees at a local tackle shop like Fish-On-Outfitters for more information about the area where you are planning to fish. They will have a good idea of the best methods and what is the best bait to use at that particular time of the year when you are planning to fish in. You may even want to think about joining an angler’s club in your area where anglers will get together to plan trips, share stories, and drink beers.

Look For The Sunken Structures

One simple way of snagging some monster saltwater fish to determine the kind of structure that they want to live in and then find those structures where you are planning to fish. You will find lots of resources online to find natural and artificial structures in your local area. Don’t pay for maps that promise to lead you to secret structures or locations. In most cases, you can find these structures for free if you just do your research.

Watch Your Leader

If you are using a leader then you have to watch out for the knot area wherein the line is linked to the leader. This spot and around a foot or more on top of it usually get damaged easily especially when you are surf fishing. You will want to get rid of frayed or any bad areas and then retie the leader. Don’t lose a huge catch just because you were too lazy to inspect your leader knot. Additionally, be sure to use a good quality leader.

Preserve The Experience For Others

One way to preserve the recreational and commercial North Myrtle Beach fishing in the future is to work together. You can use a circle hook when you are fishing to avoid causing injury to the fish. Don’t keep your catch out of the water much longer than the length of time you can hold your own breath. The slime that is covering the fish protects it from infection and bacteria so try your best not to remove the slime. Additionally, don’t forget to do catch and release, particularly in spawning seasons.

Protect Your Investment

You have to make significant investment if you want to have a good fishing tackle, especially if what you have is a good quality saltwater reel. Avoid getting into a situation where there is a need to have it replaced. It is also a great idea to soak your reel in a bucket that is filled with freshwater for two and four hours after fishing to make srue that you get all of the saltwater off your reel and line.

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