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How Boating and Fishing Can Relieve Stress

fishing in Myrtle BeachIt’s quite hard to believe that Labor Day is over. If you are like most people, the pace of your every day life may already be picking up with your children back in school and sports along with the intense pressure that you might be facing at work at start of the last quarter of the year. Halloween is almost here and you will be gathering around with your family and friends over a huge meal and giving gifts before you know it. But there is just so much to do and it can feel very overwhelming with all of your current commitments and not much time. Before you get involved in the hustle and bustle of the fourth quarter, be sure to spend some time to de-stress and slow down the busy space. Fishing and boating are two great activities that will surely help you get that much needed relief from stress.

A study gathered by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation or RBFF shows that just by being close to the water can help decrease anxiety, which can result in more relaxed and much healthier lifestyle. A poll performed by The Nature Conservancy showed that 90% of children who spend time with nature have more chances to relieve their stress. Meanwhile, according to the Natural Wildlife Federation, 75% of teachers think that students who spend time outdoors are more likely to become more creative and good problem solvers. However, a meager one-thirds of high school students are able to get the ideal levels of physical activity.

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Why Go On A Deep Sea Fishing Trip Off The Coast Of Myrtle Beach In The Fall And Winter

deep sea fishingIn most cases, deep sea fishing is often listed as one of the best things to do during summer. However, here in Myrtle Beach, you will find amazing catches all your round because Myrtle Beach have seasons and the fish populations differ based on the time of year.

If you are thinking of doing deep sea fishing with Fish-On Outfitters, fall and winter is the best time to do it. Do you want to know why? Check the top 7 reasons you should go on a fishing trip in the fall and winter months.

It’s A Bit Cooler – If the Myrtle Beach heat is way too much for you, you will love the cooler temperatures that both fall and winter bring. Humidity is much lower as well, which makes any day during these seasons a good day out on the water.

The Sun Is A Little Less Intense – During fall and winter, the sun is expected to sit lower in the sky. Because of that, the sun’s heat will be much less intense, making your fishing trip much more enjoyable.

Plenty Of Fishing – You can go fishing as often as you want during these seasons. There will always be fish even when the summer season ends. You can expect to get a lot of bites when you go fishing in the fall and winter.

A Fun Family Activity – Going on a fishing trip is a fun family activity. Additionally, it will be much easier for you to book a family fishing charter during these seasons because of fewer crowds.

Grouper Everywhere – Fall and winter are the best time to fish for various kinds of grouper since they love cooler temperatures. You might be able to catch goliath grouper, red grouper, black grouper, and more.

Catch A Wahoo – if you are looking to catch a wahoo, you should go on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip in the winter months. They love the cooler waters, which means you will have higher chances of catching one during this season.

Find Sharks – sharks have a tendency to gather in shallow waters during the cooler seasons. So, you will have higher chances of finding, not necessarily catching sharks like blacktip or spinner sharks, during fall or winter.

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Fishing Tips From Professional Anglers

Myrtle Beach fishing tripThe weigh-in at the Bassmaster Classic in 2006 was very intense and the tension backstage was not in any way because of the number of fish in the bags of the participants. It had something more to do with the fear that the other contestants had a bigger catch.

Anglers will try to keep whatever they have as a secret. Perhaps it is the color that worked in a specific way or situation when casting your lure, anything that can offer you an advantage over the other anglers. That is one reason why you don’t see older guys talking too much when on a fishing trip. Anglers can talk about new products with other people but never in front of other anglers. So, to help you improve your fishing skills, we’ve compiled some of the best fishing tips from professional anglers.

Glue Your Bait – If you are flipping on a real heavy grass, you should put in a tad bit of crazy glue on the hook and then slide the worm up on it. It will help anchor the worm in its place to lessen the risk of losing your bait. This simple technique can even help you win tournaments.

Downgrade For Bigger Fish – In case the fish no longer bites, you will know that they are around. You have to downgrade your bait and then alter your retrieval speed. Swap your seven-inch worm with a four-inch worm and then slow down the presentation. Most of the time you will have to slow down for the much bigger fish.

Drag The Line To The Honey Hole – When it comes to spinning the tackle, spool the line off the reel and then drag it to around fifty yards behind the boat when going to your spot. The next thing you need to do is to reel it all in. You will not have any twist or kinks for the rest of the day.

Pack Some Sharpie Pens – Bring with you some Sharpie pens so you can customize your crankbaits. Placing a little red line on the spot of the gills will replicate bleeding. If you want to make it look like a perch, you can paint the fins orange. You can replicate a shad by painting a black dot behind the eye toward the tail.

Tune Your Crank Baits – When you are on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip, cast the lure and then reel it back in. Keep your eyes on it all the way back to the boat. It must go back straight. In case it turns to the right, adjust the eyelet to the left using a needle nose pliers or the other way around if it turns to the left. Always remember that you won’t be able to catch fish if you use an untuned lure because it will not present correctly.

Use A Grub When Everything Fails – You can use plastic grubs, it can help you catch anything from perch to bass to saltwater species when all else fails. It is going to be a subtle lure which means the fish do not have to swim as fast as they should in order to catch it.

Take Care Of The Fish – Handle the fish with care by holding it at the bottom part of the lip. You shouldn’t remove the slime because the fish might catch diseases.

Replicate Animals –  Depending on what season it is, different animals may hatch in the lake and most of the time, they are the target of most fish. You should try different things and that includes using lures that replicate frogs, grubs, shad, and so on.

Allow Your Bait To Hit Bottom – Once you cast, pay attention to your line and let it fall limp before you reel it in. When that happens, it means the line has reached the bottom or the strike zone. When you reel it back it slowly, shake the rod lightly using your other hand so that it will mimic the live worm much better.

Find The Food and You Will Find The Fish – Watch out for great blue herons because most of the time they also hunt for the same food that your fish are hunting for. If you locate the herons then you can safely say that fish is definitely nearby.

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Going On A Fishing Trip This Fall

fishing in Myrtle BeachFall is the season for several anglers who opt to go on a fishing trip instead of other indoor and outdoor activities like football and hunting. That’s too bad because they would have had a wonderful time during this season if only they had just tried it. Fall is the time of change not only for the fishermen but for the fish as well.

Changes in the weather will cause forage to move to a different spot. This also applies to predator species. They may adapt to the current food supply in the location that they are inhabiting or follow the other food sources to their new fall location. Fish know when winter is near. They start to gain weight during the transition by feeding heavily while using up fewer calories in their liquid environment, which is starting to get colder.

For those who love to fish, their time on the water comes with a unique appearance and feel during the fall transition due to the benign weather, great beauty, as well as lots of fish. The sun moves on a lower arc and heat as well as humidity drops while foliage starts to take on beautiful and brilliant hues.

The Location

Timing plays a crucial role during the fall season. Turnover occurs on several lakes. It is when cool water from below mixes with the cooling water on the surface. This phenomenon can make fishing difficult for days or weeks. Then murky water that comes with lots of decaying plant life may require you to move to a different lake. The primary food sources usually crowd in predictable locations during the fall season. Mixed bag catches are likewise typical because various predator species look for easy meals in the exact same location. Multiple baitfish species and even predator species may appear in harbors and river mouths. Threadfin and gizzard shad relocate into creek arms and covers, and their movements dictate the predator’s movements that rely on them like bass.

Bluegill, as well as the other members of the sunfish species, will play an important role in countless ponds, reservoirs, and natural lakes. They will move to deep edges of the aquatic vegetation and this will attract bass and other predators like the musky and northern pike.

Junk Fishing

Fishing in fall could be very rewarding enough when the food supply of the fish is dispersed and in limited supply. Target species might be spread from deep structure to shallow flats. Catching fish using different lures is one good characteristic of what they call junk fishing, which can lead to a fishing bonanza even when there’s no “pattern” in play.

Moving lures such as spinner baits, buzz baits, as well as lipless crankbaits may pick off different fish during the morning. Meanwhile, jigs, plastic worms, as well as soft plastic jerk baits can be very useful minutes or hours after. There is something special in using your favorite lures.

Late Fall

As water temperature continues to drop and the season moves forward, fall’s faithful understand very well that trophy period has come. Fish behavior, as well as location, is going to be much more predictable. You will find big fish in prime areas. Search for underwater points as well as sunken islands that has become home to several species. You may find walleye and smallmouth bass, and even a musky as well as northern pike in rock piles.

Rime Time Baits

Minnow and jib combinations used to be the odds-on selection of anglers who love late fall. This mix is still very reliable these days. You can also use jigs that come with soft plastic grubs as well as other trailers.

Different fish attractants and scents are also very effective in the cold water. It is also very effective to use jerk baits or minnow styled lures that are also called twitch baits. The presentation is usually comprised of at least one jerks and then followed by a pause. Try to create a cadence that the fish like. It is also recommended to have a variety in the number of jerks as well as the pause length in between them.

If the temperature drops below 55 degrees, you might want to consider using blade baits. It is also suggested that you store the aggressive retrieves that you may have been using during summer. Instead, you can use slow and short vibrating pulls to mimic the movement of a baitfish that’s dying.

Stillness Is Important

Nature is moving at the pace of a snail throughout the cold weather season. Even though fish feed and move aggressively during the early fall period, the fast pace of fishing that was efficient before must be countered with a more patient method when fishing in Myrtle Beach as water temperatures drop below 40. Slow presentations, boat control, heightened awareness, as well as sensitive tackle during the late fall are very important.

When you have found a fish location with a high percentage of fish, allow the stillness to rule. Anchor the boat and fish the location slowly and of course, thoroughly. You should also target the spot from varying angles and don’t forget to carefully position your boat every time. In case wind plays an important role, you have to position your boat in a way that allows you to cast into or with the wind to lower the effect of the wind on your line as well as ability to detect a bite.

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Tips For A Fun Saltwater Fishing Trip

saltwater fishingOne of the terms used to describe a way to fish in the ocean is saltwater fishing. It can be performed on shore, also called surf fishing, on a pier, or on a boat. Saltwater anglers use artificial and live bait. The choice commonly depends on the kind of fish that they wish to catch. Saltwater fishing is offered in states or countries bordering an ocean or those with an inlet river with high salinity level. Saltwater fish like marlin or tuna are few of the greatest fighting fish. Saltwater fishing gives some of the most memorable fishing experiences that any angler will ever have.

A few of the common saltwater fish types that anglers often sought out are bonefish, bluefish, cod, cobia, grouper, flounder, jewfish, halibut, marlin, mackerel, redfish, pacific yellowtail, sea trout, sailfish, snapper, sharks, striped bass, snook, tuna, and tarpon. The kind of fishing tackled they use vary according to the species of fish that the angler wants to catch. Saltwater fishing charters in Myrtle Beach is a billion dollar industry, especially in tourist spots. As a matter of fact, in case you are a novice at saltwater fishing, a fishing charter is the best way to obtain the experience you need and learn a few tips from an expert saltwater fisherman. Even though they could be a bit costly, you can ask your friends to go with you so you can split the cost of the fishing trip.

Use The Correct Fishing Knot – the perfect method to ensure that you do not lose possibly the next world record catch is to use the correct knot. You have to learn the fishing know that can keep 100 percent of its strength once it is tied, and the twenty times around know or the bimini twist is the only one that can do that. The correct knot could make a huge difference between a big disappointment or a big catch.

Keep Live Bait In Great Shape – In case you will use a live bait, you have to make sure that it is kept in tip-top condition. It must not be subjected to direct sunlight and in case you have aquatic bait such as minnows, you have to purchase a water bait aerator to retain enough oxygen levels. In case you do not have an aerator then you need to replace the water every two hours. Compared to cool water, warm water cannot hold that much oxygen.

Talk To The Local People – you need to talk to the employees at your local tackle store so you will know what is happening in the spot where you want to fish in. They can tell you what is going on and the perfect bait you can use during the time of the year that you want to go on a fishing trip. You should also consider joining a club for local anglers where they can share fishing stories, plan fishing trips, and hang out.

Find The Best Place To Fish – One of the best ways to catch monster saltwater fish is to know the type of structure they live in and then you can find the said structures once you go fishing. There are several resources online when it comes to finding natural as well as man-made structures in your local area. You can also talk to experts like Fish-On Outfitters. Do not pay for maps that say they have secret structures or locations because you can locate them on your own for free.

Look At Your Leader – in case you want to use a leader, you need to watch the knot area where you have tied your line to your leader. This spot and around a foot or two on top of it has a tendency to be easily damaged especially if you are surf fishing. You do not want to lose a huge monster catch just because you did not take the time to monitor your leader knot.

Keep The Experience For Other Anglers – working together is the best way to preserve recreational and commercial fishing later on. You can utilize a circle hook when you are fishing so you can prevent harming the fish. You should also avoid holding your catch out of the water longer than you can hold your breath. It is also important for you to avoid removing the slime that covers the fish because it provides protection against infection and bacteria.

Protect Your Investment – You can expect to pay a high price for a quality fishing tackle. You should avoid getting yourself into a situation that will require you to change it. It is highly recommended for you to dip your reel in a bucket filled with fresh water for at between two and four hours after going on saltwater fishing to make sure that you the saltwater is removed from your reel and line.

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