How Boating and Fishing Can Relieve Stress

fishing in Myrtle BeachIt’s quite hard to believe that Labor Day is over. If you are like most people, the pace of your every day life may already be picking up with your children back in school and sports along with the intense pressure that you might be facing at work at start of the last quarter of the year. Halloween is almost here and you will be gathering around with your family and friends over a huge meal and giving gifts before you know it. But there is just so much to do and it can feel very overwhelming with all of your current commitments and not much time. Before you get involved in the hustle and bustle of the fourth quarter, be sure to spend some time to de-stress and slow down the busy space. Fishing and boating are two great activities that will surely help you get that much needed relief from stress.

A study gathered by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation or RBFF shows that just by being close to the water can help decrease anxiety, which can result in more relaxed and much healthier lifestyle. A poll performed by The Nature Conservancy showed that 90% of children who spend time with nature have more chances to relieve their stress. Meanwhile, according to the Natural Wildlife Federation, 75% of teachers think that students who spend time outdoors are more likely to become more creative and good problem solvers. However, a meager one-thirds of high school students are able to get the ideal levels of physical activity.

The Rivers of Recover said that fly fishing can decrease the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and improve the mood of those who are suffering from such problem. Meanwhile, boating is one of the top three activities that can relieve stress, per Discover Boating. As you can see, fishing and boating provide excellent opportunities to exercise and is proven to help relieve stress, according to Mayo Clinic. For example, if you are throwing a catch or perhaps trying to take hold of the anchor or the trolloing motor, fishing in Myrtle Beach with Fish-On Outfitters is a kind of exercise, and can assist you in blowing off some steam. You can give your arms and back muscles some good exercise by propelling kayaks, rowboats, and canoes. You may even find kayaks that are peddled rather than paddled. This variation can give your leg a good exercise.

Apart from serving as a good form of stress relief, whenever you buy a fishing license or register your fishing boat, you are contributing to the crucial state efforts to preserve natural aquatic areas.

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