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fishingLabor Day, a 3-day weekend that symbolizes the end of summer vacation, is just around the corner. Though bittersweet, it is the perfect time to go on a fishing trip. Listed below are six important things you need to remember for your upcoming labor day fishing trip.

Look For Open Water

When we say find the open water, it does not mean that you have to search for a secluded area at the center of the ocean or Intracoastal Waterway. You can expect boaters to be very busy during this time of the year as they make the most of their last opportunity to get out on the water before winter comes. If you want to get the finest fishing results, find streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds that do not receive the exact same volume of boating traffic compared to other more famous water bodies. You will also have higher chances of catching more fish if you direct your fishing charter to go to calmer waters.

Fist At Dark

When is as important as where when it comes to avoiding boating traffic. You should consider fishing Myrtle Beach at night because you can take advantage of running into fewer boats. In case you are not prepared to fishing in the evening, you can try fishing at dawn. During this time, the waters is calmer. You will find hungry fish, and find only a few boats.

Go Mobile

Days will soon get cooler and shorter and that means fish will move around more than during the summer season. The weedbeds and humps that have lots of fish in July and August may not be that trustworthy during Labor Day. This holds true for bass, which will start to go into a feeding frenzy as they get ready for winter. Baitfish such as shad will move towards the streams, and that means the bass will be in hot pursuit. Apart from baitfish, salmon, trout, and other migrating species will likewise make way for rivers and streams. You should consider fishing close to rivermouths so you can make the most of the fish that are on the move. The primary method in general when going on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip is to try various areas, and in case you were not able to find any fish in a single spot, you should not be scared to move on to a much faster pace compared to what you might have done during summer.

The Surface Is Your Pal

Although afternoons during Labor Day is just like any typical day in summer, it does not apply to nights, or even throughout shorelines wherein the sun has a more difficult time reaching. Once the water cools down, fish will be going up the water column as they search for warmer waters and baitfish, which in turn will begin to move near the surface. This also applies to lake trout and other cold water species, which are expected to move to shallow surfaces during Labor Day. You will obtain great results through low diving crankbaits, suspended baits, as well as trolling at shallower surfaces.

Wear The Right Clothes

Labor Day weekend still feels like any other summer weekend. However, you still need to check the weather reports so you know the clothes that you should wear for your fishing trip.

Cold Fronts

You need to be aware of any cold fronts not just for your own sake but their effects on the results of your fishing trip. In most cases, an upcoming cold front means warm water fish like largemouth bass will start feeding. When the front starts and passes, fish will not bite that much. If you fish in this stage, you should use lighter lures as well as presentation to encourage this hesitant feeders. What you need to do is to slow down.

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