Why Go On A Deep Sea Fishing Trip Off The Coast Of Myrtle Beach In The Fall And Winter

deep sea fishingIn most cases, deep sea fishing is often listed as one of the best things to do during summer. However, here in Myrtle Beach, you will find amazing catches all your round because Myrtle Beach have seasons and the fish populations differ based on the time of year.

If you are thinking of doing deep sea fishing with Fish-On Outfitters, fall and winter is the best time to do it. Do you want to know why? Check the top 7 reasons you should go on a fishing trip in the fall and winter months.

It’s A Bit Cooler – If the Myrtle Beach heat is way too much for you, you will love the cooler temperatures that both fall and winter bring. Humidity is much lower as well, which makes any day during these seasons a good day out on the water.

The Sun Is A Little Less Intense – During fall and winter, the sun is expected to sit lower in the sky. Because of that, the sun’s heat will be much less intense, making your fishing trip much more enjoyable.

Plenty Of Fishing – You can go fishing as often as you want during these seasons. There will always be fish even when the summer season ends. You can expect to get a lot of bites when you go fishing in the fall and winter.

A Fun Family Activity – Going on a fishing trip is a fun family activity. Additionally, it will be much easier for you to book a family fishing charter during these seasons because of fewer crowds.

Grouper Everywhere – Fall and winter are the best time to fish for various kinds of grouper since they love cooler temperatures. You might be able to catch goliath grouper, red grouper, black grouper, and more.

Catch A Wahoo – if you are looking to catch a wahoo, you should go on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip in the winter months. They love the cooler waters, which means you will have higher chances of catching one during this season.

Find Sharks – sharks have a tendency to gather in shallow waters during the cooler seasons. So, you will have higher chances of finding, not necessarily catching sharks like blacktip or spinner sharks, during fall or winter.

Don’t let the cool season pass you by without going on a fishing trip. Call Fish-On Outfitters now.

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