Fishing Tips From Professional Anglers

Myrtle Beach fishing tripThe weigh-in at the Bassmaster Classic in 2006 was very intense and the tension backstage was not in any way because of the number of fish in the bags of the participants. It had something more to do with the fear that the other contestants had a bigger catch.

Anglers will try to keep whatever they have as a secret. Perhaps it is the color that worked in a specific way or situation when casting your lure, anything that can offer you an advantage over the other anglers. That is one reason why you don’t see older guys talking too much when on a fishing trip. Anglers can talk about new products with other people but never in front of other anglers. So, to help you improve your fishing skills, we’ve compiled some of the best fishing tips from professional anglers.

Glue Your Bait – If you are flipping on a real heavy grass, you should put in a tad bit of crazy glue on the hook and then slide the worm up on it. It will help anchor the worm in its place to lessen the risk of losing your bait. This simple technique can even help you win tournaments.

Downgrade For Bigger Fish – In case the fish no longer bites, you will know that they are around. You have to downgrade your bait and then alter your retrieval speed. Swap your seven-inch worm with a four-inch worm and then slow down the presentation. Most of the time you will have to slow down for the much bigger fish.

Drag The Line To The Honey Hole – When it comes to spinning the tackle, spool the line off the reel and then drag it to around fifty yards behind the boat when going to your spot. The next thing you need to do is to reel it all in. You will not have any twist or kinks for the rest of the day.

Pack Some Sharpie Pens – Bring with you some Sharpie pens so you can customize your crankbaits. Placing a little red line on the spot of the gills will replicate bleeding. If you want to make it look like a perch, you can paint the fins orange. You can replicate a shad by painting a black dot behind the eye toward the tail.

Tune Your Crank Baits – When you are on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip, cast the lure and then reel it back in. Keep your eyes on it all the way back to the boat. It must go back straight. In case it turns to the right, adjust the eyelet to the left using a needle nose pliers or the other way around if it turns to the left. Always remember that you won’t be able to catch fish if you use an untuned lure because it will not present correctly.

Use A Grub When Everything Fails – You can use plastic grubs, it can help you catch anything from perch to bass to saltwater species when all else fails. It is going to be a subtle lure which means the fish do not have to swim as fast as they should in order to catch it.

Take Care Of The Fish – Handle the fish with care by holding it at the bottom part of the lip. You shouldn’t remove the slime because the fish might catch diseases.

Replicate Animals –  Depending on what season it is, different animals may hatch in the lake and most of the time, they are the target of most fish. You should try different things and that includes using lures that replicate frogs, grubs, shad, and so on.

Allow Your Bait To Hit Bottom – Once you cast, pay attention to your line and let it fall limp before you reel it in. When that happens, it means the line has reached the bottom or the strike zone. When you reel it back it slowly, shake the rod lightly using your other hand so that it will mimic the live worm much better.

Find The Food and You Will Find The Fish – Watch out for great blue herons because most of the time they also hunt for the same food that your fish are hunting for. If you locate the herons then you can safely say that fish is definitely nearby.

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