A Guide To Fishing in Myrtle Beach

fishing Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach is known for its wonderful beaches. Aside from being known as a lively oceanfront city, Myrtle Beach is also known for being one of the best places for fishing. From inland rivers to fishing piers and jetties, Myrtle Beach is definitely among the greatest fishing spots on the East Coast.

Timing and Fishing Species

Myrtle Beach waters are home to different fish species. Among the most common catches are whiting and croacker, which live near shore spots and biting readily almost all throughout the entire year. They may be small but they are very easy to catch and tastes great when cooked. If you are looking fish for bigger game fish in Myrtle Beach then should do so during the spring season. But, the best season is in summer as species like pompano, sheepshead, and red drum move toward shallow waters. Fishing for bluefish is best done during late summer and it remains strong during fall. Flounder and spotted trout provide excellent fishing opportunities during winter.

Myrtle Beach Fishing Access

Myrtle Beach provides no shortage of spots for water access. There are about 8 fishing piers that are open to the public throughout the city and they considered popular fishing spots. Smaller fish, which are food for bigger fish, are attracted to the submerged structures of the piers. If you are fishing from a pier, there’s no need to have a fishing license. However, piers typically charge a fishing pass fee instead. Many of the more popular and larger piers have their own bait and tackle shops. You’ll also find concession stands and restaurants on site.

In case the piers are way too crowded, or you just want to fish with your toes staying on the sand, one great alternative is surf fishing. Any spot along the shoreline of Myrtle Beach that is not specified for swimming can be used for surf fishing. You need to have a fishing license if you wish to fish from shore and you can get it online from the website of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. You can also get one at a tackle shop, sporting goods store, or any other similar retailers in Myrtle Beach.

Fishing Tips and Methods

If you want to have a successful fishing Myrtle Beach experience, you need to have the right bait, at the right time, and in the right way. The moon, sun, and tides have a great effect on the behaviour of the fish, and the perfect times to be on the water on any given day include sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise, as well as times when the tied is going out or coming in. Always check the tide chart as well as a solunar calendar to monitor these occurrences and find the best time to be on the water on any day. If at least one of these events take place concurrently, a change in the tide during sunrise will happen and fishing will be more productive.

The best option when catching most of fish species is live bait. Sheephead and drum tend to strive live crabs, baitfish, shrimp, and clams near the bottom. Cast close to jetties, pilings, rocks as well as other structures, and let the bait drift with the tide. Compared to other species, pompano are not that bottom oriented and they tend to strike minnow imitating baits and flashy spinners much closer to the surface. Bucktail spinners and spoons are also effective for capturing bluefish.

Freshwater Fishing Tips

You’ll also find several freshwater Myrtle Beach fishing options. The most notable ones are the Great Pee Dee Rivers and the Waccamaw, which are linked to the Intracoastal Waterway and flow to the south before it empties in the Atlantic Ocean via the Winyah Bay, which is around 35 miles south of Myrtle Beach. The backwater seas along these rivers provide great fishing for freshwater species like crappie, largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish, and are best for fishing from a kayak or canoe. One great bass fishing technique on the rivers is to cast a plastic worm. Several boats ramps close to Myrtle Beach offer access like Peachtree Landing, Bucksville Landing, and Enterprise Landing. A fishing license is needed for freshwater fishing. Fortunately, Fish-On Outfitters provides the license and fishing supplies.

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